Credentialing & Provider Enrollment

What do we offer you?

Credentialing and provider
enrollment services

Credentialing and provider enrollment is a detailed and labor-intensive process no matter the size of the organization. MAC helps effectively manage provider payer credentials to decrease claim denials, reduce administrative costs, and streamline onboarding.

Decrease Claim Denials

Decrease claim denials for practitioners who are not enrolled with payers.

Proactive Management

MAC will proactively manage term dates and application needs.

Streamline Processes

MAC will streamline onboarding of providers and document collection.

Reduce Costs

By partnering with MAC, you will reduce administrative costs for initial credentialing and maintaining credentials.

The MAC difference

Scope of services

From group enrollment to individual provider enrollment, MAC offers the services necessary to streamline processes and reduce costs.


Maintain practice detailsMaintain master group rosterComplete organization credentialingComplete necessary application attachmentsUpdate applications with additional informationSubmit and track applications


Maintain master provider rosterMonitor master provider roster for re-credentialing deadlinesInitiate/update payer enrollment applicationsComplete enrollment applicationsSubmit and track applications

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    Portfolio of services

    Designed to provide clients the ability to flexibly source critical billing and collections functions and effectively scale, our Revenue Cycle Management services enhance revenue, operating efficiency, and overall financial performance.

    Comprehensive Billing & Collection

    We offer a suite of billing and collections services for Medicaid, managed Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial payers, including: billing, claim analysis, claim submission, payer interaction, denial, and accounts receivable management.

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    Reporting & Customer Care

    As part of MAC’s comprehensive anesthesia billing solutions, we can also provide reports utilizing our advanced business intelligence software. With this visibility and insight, you will be positioned to optimize your financial performance.

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