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At Midwest Anesthesia Consultants, we ensure your billing practices – and results – are as quality as your patient care.

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    Experienced Staff

    Our team of revenue cycle executives has an average of 7 years of experience specifically in anesthesia billing services, with many that have 10-15 years of experience – and our clients have access to them at anytime.

    Proven ROI

    Midwest Anesthesia Consultants has a proven track record returning investments with improved collections and reduced staffing costs.

    Real-time Data

    Utilizing our advanced business intelligence software, we can provide real-time, accurate data and reports to optimize your financial performance.

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    What do we offer you?

    Portfolio of
    Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Designed to provide clients the ability to flexibly source critical billing and collections functions and effectively scale, our Revenue Cycle Management services enhance revenue, operating efficiency, and overall financial performance.

    Billing & Collections

    We offer a suite of billing and collections services, including: billing, claim analysis, claim submission, payer interaction, denial and accounts receivable management.

    Reporting & Customer Care

    Utilizing our advanced business intelligence software, we can provide real-time, accurate financial, production and service reporting. With this visibility and insight, you will be positioned to optimize your financial performance.

    Credentialing & Provider Enrollment

    Credentialing and provider enrollment is a detailed and labor-intensive process no matter the size of the organization. MAC helps effectively manage provider payer credentials to decrease claim denials, reduce administrative costs, and streamline onboarding.

    MIPS Quality Requirements

    Partnering with MAC means having MIPS educated resources at your fingertips to help make sure your reporting is on track. If you do not report, have fallen behind, or do not understand the measures, you could be at risk of a 9% penalty on Medicare reimbursement.







    The MAC Difference

    For us, it’s personal. MAC was born out of the need to maximize billing for one of our partners, a private anesthesia group. Since that time, we have found that our direct and personalized service is key to our client’s overall financial success – we believe that your organization is unique and so are the solutions you require. Our team designs custom solutions to meet your specific needs. You don’t provide “one size fits all“ services – why should you be forced into that with your billing solution? We are physician led and focused on YOU.


    All claims are pursued regardless of the size of your business or balance. We don’t set your business aside because of a larger account or arbitrary revenue priority.


    Follow up, follow up, follow up! Our professional US based billing team works with every account diligently and consistently without release until payment is secured.


    We receive 96%, or better, of the expected payment that is billed and pursued. Can your current billing service say that?


    Reports that you want, when you want them. MAC provides strategic, detailed, and extensive reporting, along with custom reporting at no additional charge.


    We are not a family business. We provide professional services, abiding by strict business ethics, standards, and protocols.

    Reduced AR

    Our client average is less than 28 days, far less than the industry average.

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